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Date postedJune 24, 2012
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Rehabilitation of land throughout areas affected by the mining operation is carried out in a number of phases before, during and after mining operation ceases in each area. Initially top soil is removed prior to mining and either used to provide initial cover to overburden dumps on a progressive basis or is stored in topsoil banks for later placement. As overburden dumps are progressively built they are contoured to minimise slope levels and to follow the original contours as close as possible. When areas are available for revegetating, topsoil is spread and sprayed with hydromulch and then planted with fast growing legume cover crops or grass as soon as possible as this cover is essential in minimizing erosion while second stage planting is undertaken. Once the revegation process is stable, rehabilitated land is provided to local communities for agricultural purposes and todate Adaro has worked with these communities on a number of projects including cultivation of vegetables, fruit and a new large scale project involving growing of king grass for an animal feed project.

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