Cover Letter Sample

To make a hiring decision, your next employer is looking for answers to three vital questions:

  1. Do you have the skills this job requires?
  2. Will you be compatible with my team?
  3. Are you honest and willing to work, and do you have the right attitude?

Your resume will answer the first question. Your letters, interviews, and references will answer the other two questions. Thus, your jobhunting letters are an essential opportunity to make yourself stand out as a unique and interesting person, someone an employer would like to meet, interview, hire, and work beside. A strong, impressive letter can put you miles ahead.
To take advantage of this opportunity, you must write well. And to get an edge over the competition you should not only write well, you should write often.
Why? Most job applicants—your competition—never follow up after an interview.
Of those who do, many write letters so inadequate that they actually impair what might have been a perfectly acceptable candidacy.

Here is your sample, available for downloading, Cover Letter (0)

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